Calendar Girls

My girlfriend, Serene and I bought 50% discount vouchers to the Calendar Girls, a newly opened gentleman’s club in Auckland.

Read: a strip club.

I have always been curious so finally I went¬† ūüėČ

The stage has 2 poles and is set right in the centre of the room. Small tables with sofa seats against the walls were arranged around the stage. So everyone has full view of the girls ahem! Apart from the entry fees, there is also a bar where you can, at additional charge, buy drinks and purchase Calendar Girls tokens to tip the girls….totally optional.

Girls took turns on stage, one girl at a time for one song and walks around every table fishing for tips after each dance routine….topless of course! I would say all the girls were very attractive, young and graceful on stage. Most were slender while some were curvy.

Serene and I purchased a limited number of tokens (they’re not cheap!) and were busy deciding which few girls were hot enough to deserve a tip, while 2 asian guys at the next table were making pretty loud comments about the girls’ bodies but never given out a single tip to any girl! Tsk tsk…….!

The girls were all cheeky while fishing for tips and will give you a peck on the cheek or a hug after you slip them a tip into their thong. Then there was this girl who was in a sexy policewoman outfit and did a lively routine on stage.

Serene and I both thought she deserved a tip. And so we both slip her a tip each into her thong. I told her she is really hot. She was so delighted that she climbed onto Serene and gave her a dry hump and took off my glasses and gave me a motorboat!

Don’t know what a motorboat is? Click here.

Okay, to clarify things, there were no sounds involved and she was doing all the shaking! I was too stunned to move!

And that was my experience at a strip club. Not too bad eh? ūüėČ


Teenage Drama

I went to an all-girls school until I was 17. You can probably tell what I am about to write today.

I have friends like any normal teenager. Friends who really clicked with me always ended up getting¬†segregated into other classes each year. You see, every year, everyone gets reshuffled into different classes. Can’t figure out why they did that. Probably to make you mix around? So yes, I always ended up separated from “my group” and I had to readjust every year to new classmates. I remember it being very stressful for me.¬†I was an introvert. Still am!

But being a teenager in an all-girls school, I always try hard to fit in!

Somehow, I ended up with this group of girls during one year. Wanted to feel like I belong, I liked what they liked. I joined a school club that they joined. I laughed at their jokes. I was so eager to please! Nevertheless, I always had an inkling feeling that I was an outcast in their group. That we never really clicked. But I stuck around anyway.

Signs like how they agreed to not attend a certain club activity without informing me, thus I ended up being alone the whole day was dismissed time and again. Anything was better than being alone and groupless! 

One day, I agreed to sign on a 2-day-camp, organised by that club Рmy very first time spending 2 nights outside home in a strange place. They said it would be fun, of course I nodded with them!

Obviously, I wanted to stick to “my group”¬†so that we could¬†sleep together. I can’t really remember small details but this is what I recall.¬†We arrived¬†at¬†a room with a few beds (how many I can’t remember).¬†All with a pillow except one. We rushed in laughing¬†and “booked” beds. I was last, so I sat on the single bed without a pillow,¬†giggling with them. Then one of the organisers peeked through the door¬†and said there were too many of us in a room, one of us had to move to the next room.

Who should go to the next room and sleep with strangers? We looked at each other.

“The one without a pillow,” one of them said softly,¬†without looking at me. I thought I saw someone elbowed her, but I couldn’t be sure.

Without any protests, worried that I might¬†cause trouble¬†and make others upset, I smiled and said I will go to the other room (albeit very unwilling to). I felt sad that no one¬†objected and asked me to stay, that we would think of something. No, I moved and they didn’t miss me. Again, I dismissed my feelings, saying to myself that it was only fair that the one without the pillow should go. It wasn’t their fault.

Throughout that¬†day, I felt like I was being ignored. They left me behind in everything, stuck together¬†and had conversations that I¬†could not¬†follow. That night, I¬†barely slept and felt really horrible. I¬†can’t remember whether I¬†cried.

The next morning, I faked a tummy-ache and insisted I must call my father to come take me home. I left without saying goodbye to anyone.

Next week at school, I quit the group. We never fought, I never confronted them about anything. I simply stopped hanging out with them and they moved on without me.

I hold no grudges, this is just something which I cannot forget.

Do you have any high school/teenage drama stories to share?