Missing In Action

I’ve been a lousy blogger yet again for abandoning my blog for weeks!

Terry and I are moving again! There are so much to do, so much to organise, so much to buy. The fact that we have such a clutter problem makes it almost a nightmare! But at the same time, we are excited to move to a bigger place.

On the other hand, studies have been keeping me busy. My work has come to the level where I can start working towards publishing an academic journal paper so that my work gets recognised. Very happy about that. But first I have to work out some really difficult maths to make my work strong enough. Don’t even know if I am capable of that but I am trying!

I have heaps of pictures of my cooking and lots of things I want to talk about but haven’t really found the time to sit down and blog. Hopefully by the time we are settled in our new place, my blogging routine will get back to normal again!

In the meantime, Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslims friends!

I’ll update soon, promise.  🙂


17 comments on “Missing In Action

  1. Hannah says:

    Me too Tien! I’ve been super slack, but it’s hard when you’re busy. We’re going to really miss living with you guys, but are so excited about you moving into your own place! It’s going to be so awesome! You’ll have a lot to blog about then and a kitchen all to yourselves, well, for a while any way 🙂

  2. Beth Ann says:

    So happy to hear that you are still around!!! I have missed you but I guess that you certainly have a lot going on!!! The move sounds wonderful and I am sure it is going to be a great thing for you! And I know you can work out the math!!! Hope all goes well with the move and will be anxiously awaiting your next post whenever you can squeeze it in!!! 🙂

  3. Good luck with the move! We’ve missed you!

  4. 女王 says:

    Why are you uv to move again?I am so looking forward ur blog!

  5. Sendie-Lou says:

    Hi, glad all is okay though, have fun moving!! 🙂

  6. Claire says:

    Good luck with the move! Colin and I just moved. We’re about 90% done – we actually started packing about 3 weeks ahead. But it’s still taking quite a bit out of us. It was a bit of bad timing as well for us because we had to move during the holiday period (Raya and Merdeka) so ALL the movers were charging us extra, so we decided to do it ourselves!

    It was A LOT of work but it wasn’t that all bad 🙂

    • Tien says:

      Thanks Claire! It was exhausting indeed. Even though we hired professional movers there was still so much to unpack and tidy up. Kudos to you and Colin!

  7. nadia says:

    Come back with your exciting posts once you’ve settled in! Good luck with the move.

  8. shinloo says:

    Me too 😦 siGhz… I’m so occupied nowadays I don’t have time to blog or follow your blog… I’m too caught up in work these days… By the time I can switch on my PC, it’s already 9pm. 😦 Hopefully I’ll find time (and inspiration) to blog again soon.

  9. […] haven’t invited anyone over for dinner properly since we moved into the new place so I thought, let’s invite some friends over for a simple birthday cum housewarming […]

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