The Journey So Far

This is my 88th blog post! If you are a Chinese, you must recognise that the number 8 is a very lucky number, just because it sounds like the word “prosper” and is often associated with wealth, money, luck, prosperity – oh yes, we Chinese love our money.

Anyway, I digressed….

The last time I noticed the number of posts I published thus far was when I published my 52nd post. Well, by now you get the hint why I haven’t been blogging for weeks now 😉

So, as my 88th blog entry, I decided that this will be a very special entry. I will recap my blogging journey thus far. Its been more than 8 months  (8 again, it’s a sign….!) already since my very first entry in December 2010! How time flies.  Actually Danielle tagged me to do this post weeks ago but I have been procrastinating until today.

1. Most Beautiful Post

It is very difficult to choose one single post that is most beautiful in my blog because I thought every entry I have written about my visit in Japan is equally beautiful. Almost magical! I saw beautiful red leaves of Kyoto and Nara amidst magnificent castles and temples, the tragedy that is Hiroshima, the fast-paced, colourful life and modern lights of Tokyo, the legendary Mount Fuji at Kawaguchiko, , the happiest place in the world that is Disneyland, the cold breeze of Machida and the quirky-ness of Harajuku girls. All of them deserve the most beautiful post tag in my opinion.

2. Most Popular Post

The most popular post is the one I wrote about the talented Yunalis Zarai, a Malaysian singer song-writer who sounds like a combination of Norah Jones, Diana Krall and Colbie Callat. She is young and already making her mark in the American jazz music scene with her signature Muslimah yet stylish image and of course her captivating smoky voice. Perhaps I should write about her again for more traffic 😉

3. Most Controversial Post

I have deliberately avoided controversial topics in my blog so far because I feel I lack the confidence to express my stand with firmness yet with grace, maturity and diplomacy. Plus, I am not sure if I could handle the debate that may surface. Maybe someday in the future, I will write about my stand and opinions on certain issues generally deemed controversial. *Fingers crossed*

4. Most Helpful Post.

The most helpful post has to  Unblocked – the one following my 52nd post, in which I wrote about my blogging meltdown. It is simply a compilation of tips on how to overcome blogger’s block. If I may add, I also think that this post is the most inspiring post I have written so far, simply because it shows how supportive the blogging community is and how generous fellow bloggers can be in offering advice/help although we have never met in real life!

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

When I wrote I Wish, I was actually having another blogger’s block and had nothing interesting to write about other than this random incident I saw on the bus that morning which cracked me up, and then sparked a random musing about kids and growing up. I was pleasantly surprised to receive quite a number of nice comments from a few friends of mine  on Facebook who then subscribed and has been following my blog ever since.

6. A Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

This is a difficult one. I don’t think I have ever written anything that “deserved attention” per se. I simply blogged about things that mused me at the time! Maybe I should aim at writing articles that is worthy of serious attention…..hmmm…..

7. The Post I Am Most Proud Of

I am proud of every post I have written so far! The fact that I have maintained this blog since the first post is enough to make myself proud. Hey, three previously abandoned and deleted blogs to date, I say I am doing pretty good with this one 🙂 Here’s to many more blog posts to come! (Okay, if I really must pick one, I’ll pick this one in which I finally made nice dinner buns, haha!)

Wow, this is a challenging post to do but fun nevertheless. It’s good to have a nice insight into my blogging journey so far. It kinda gave me some perspective on what I can improve and what is lacking. Thanks Danielle for tagging!

Since I am at it, do you have anything to tell me about my blog? What do you like or don’t like about it so far? What do you like to see more/less? Tell me, tell me, tell me….


12 comments on “The Journey So Far

  1. D... says:

    Yay for your post!!!!!! I love reminiscing.

  2. nadia says:

    Congrats on making it this far! You’re a wonderful and honest person, Tien, and it shows through each of your posts. I love reading your blog!

  3. Khanum says:

    Running a blog for more than a week is a Talent . And u came this far…8 months. wow 🙂 Congratulations and keep blogging! Your posts are just like you honest and versatile.

  4. Sendie-Lou says:

    8 is the lucky number!!!! I love your blog since the 1sat day I stumble upon it. I love your writting style, how it flows and how you tell a story. So keep on writting!!! And btw, I love Yunalis Zarai too!! 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    YAY for 88 posts. You’re almost at 100! 🙂

  6. scrambled7 says:

    Your posts are always so happy and honest and they make wanna smile. 🙂

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