Hannah And Murray’s Amazing Civil Union


What makes a perfect Civil Union? White laced veils? Long white dress with a long train? Rose petals and flowers? Traditional wedding march?

For our dear flatmates Hannah and Murray’s Civil Union that Terry and I had the honour of attending, they had bubbles in place of rose petals and the theme song to Bubble Bobble instead of the wedding march. Hannah had on a pretty yellow dress in place of a white gown and made her own lovely bouquet of crocheted yellow and white roses.

I must clarify that Hannah and Murray had made the choice to have a Civil Union instead of a Marriage because Hannah was raised (and I quote) “to treat everyone as equals regardless of gender, ideology, ethnicity or sexuality”. To put things in perspective, in New Zealand, a Civil Union is a law binding contract between any two individuals regardless of gender, while a marriage (also a law binding contract) is only recognised between two individuals of opposite gender. I thought her non-discriminatory views and stand was extremely laudable.

Hannah and the bridesmaids rides

It was a very beautiful and personal ceremony, held in a little chapel at Corban’s Estate, Henderson. The theme of their Civil Union was of the popular online game that both Murray and Hannah enjoyed, Bubble Bobble! Hannah used the game’s cute theme song with her bridemaids blowing bubbles while she walked down the aisle. It was very “Hannah & Murray” 🙂

The bridesmaids

The groomsmen

As they read out their vows, I felt my eyes well up with tears. Their love and compatibility with each other shone through brightly as they stood in front of the crowd, gazing at each other’s eyes. After the vows, came the part where they read out pre-written verses – the “for richer or poorer” and “in sickness and in health” part. Only it was “for richer and more richer” and “in injury and allergies” instead! No seriously, that was what they read out, how cute! Then they kissed and sealed the deal.

The reception was held a few hours later at a community hall 15 minutes drive from the chapel. Terry and I were one of the first guests to arrive so we had the priviledge to go around taking photographs of the table settings, complete with name tags, lovely crocheted petals scattered across the tables and beautifully wrapped favours at each seat. And then there was the wedding cake that Hannah put together and decorated herself! Complete with cute Bubble Bobble characters made out of icing! Is she the most awesome bride or what?

Shortly after the newly-weds arrived, the speeches and toasts began and my, the tears started coming again! It was an incredibly warm and personal reception, one I had never experienced before although I have attended numerous Malaysian wedding dinners in the past. Somehow, Hannah and Murray made it very unique and personal…..very “Hannah and Murray” indeed. It was wonderful.

The food and dessert at the buffet was aplenty and delicious too! The highlight of the night was of course Hannah and Murray’s first dance, in which they danced to 80s disco pop! And it was fantastic! I think Hannah and Murray proved that if you put your heart to it, you can make the most perfect wedding receptions sans fancy dress and makeup or over-the-top venue decorations. This is by far the most fabulous and truly enjoyable wedding-dinner experience I have ever had.

Hannahs handmade bouquet

Here’s wishing you both eternal happiness Hannah and Murray…! 🙂

*All photographs taken by Terry, I can’t shoot for the life of me 😉


25 comments on “Hannah And Murray’s Amazing Civil Union

  1. genn says:

    what a sweet… civil union. 🙂 thanks for explaining the difference between that and a marriage.

    i love playing bubble bobble too!

  2. vixter2010 says:

    Wow def a different way to do things, good on them. Where’s your outift? 🙂

    • Tien says:

      It was very special and personal, Vix 🙂 Ahhhh…..I was only in the background in a picture or two because Terry was busy shooting the newly weds 🙂

  3. nadia says:

    What a unique yet special way to celebrate a wedding! The bride is glowing so beautifully and the groom looks so happy. I love going through wedding pictures!

    And Tien, you took gorgeous photographs 🙂

    • Tien says:

      It was very special and different indeed Nadia 🙂 No, no not me….I can’t shoot for the life of me! Terry did all the job, I was only the art director in a few of shots haha! Thanks Nadia 🙂

  4. Beth Ann says:

    What a lovely story and the pictures were wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Jane says:

    Lovely photos!

  6. I always cry at weddings!!! Those flowers were gorge!

    • Tien says:

      Mindy, this is my first real Western style wedding I’ve attended and now I know why they always cry at weddings in the movies! It was just wonderful! Pretty flowers aren’t they? Hannah is just so talented 🙂

  7. Khanum says:

    Indeed u took great photographs Tien! So elegant ! the cake looks so cute and simple. 🙂 lol at Bubble bubble

  8. scrambled7 says:

    Bubble bobble, haha. and the pics are FAB. God, I love weddings.

  9. D... says:

    I know, why is it that we cry at weddings. I do it too. I love how she did it too. It wasn’t fussy, more of a gathering of friends and loved ones to celebrate their union. Also I applaud the civil union (it just sounds more of a calm decision doesn’t it?).

    • Tien says:

      Danielle, I think it’s the love we feel between the two individuals when they proclaim their commitment to each other in front of their friends and loved ones, just so beautiful! *sniff* Yes, it wasn’t fussy at all and the bride and groom did most of the work themselves which makes us guests feel the warmth and really see their personalities everywhere! Me too. It is a calm decision….Hannah even wrote this lovely note about why she chose to have a Civil Union in her fb. When I get her permission, I might share it here. They are on their honeymoon at the moment 😉

      • D... says:

        Oh I do hope they have a lovely time.

        You know I think if I were ever to make that sort of commitment I would have a very unfussy ceremony too. I always thought I would rent a beach house, invite my closest friends and family and just spend a bunch on food. It would be a good weekend that we could all remember. Plus beach ceremony cool. Weddings are just too much, financially and emotionally. I like stress free.

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  11. shinloo says:

    i also want to attend a western wedding!!! no, i want a wedding like that!!! 😦

    • Tien says:

      I know, right? Hannah has totally set the bar for the perfect wedding, man. I want a wedding like that too! Hmmm…..you can start hinting by introducing Zilin to my blog, especially this post hahahaha!

  12. […] I cried during Hannah and Murray’s civil union. […]

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