Women’s Right To Skincare Products

Hi, my name is Tien. I am a skincare products addict.

*Caution: Girly post ahead!

People always say there are typically two types of women. They are either the “handbags type” or the “shoes type”. While I am definitely a big fan of shoes over handbags, I rarely ever spend over $50 for a pair of shoes, no matter how pretty they may be. And trust me, there are some really pretty shoes out there!

Are you into handbags or shoes?

If there is one thing I ever splurge on, its skincare products!

My mom brought me up with her motto, “As a woman, there are two things in life you should NEVER put a price on – your health and your FACE!”

Mom is a big fan of obsessed with skincare products herself. Whenever she decided to buy a new skincare set, she would pass on leftover expensive creams and serums to me and my sister. Therefore, we were “trained” to use serious skincare from as early as 13 years old. Living in Malaysia, my mom swears by sunblock creams and I understood SPF before I even understood Biology. Really.

I was blessed with clear, acne-free and fair skin all through my teenage years. I think I owe that to those expensive creams from mom. By the time I turned 15, I started noticing freckles on both my cheeks. I still have them, and I adore my freckles. They are my thing 😉 I have seen girls drawing on fake freckles on their face using brown eyeliners, so I am certainly blessed!

My mom wasn’t impressed by them since day one because according to her knowledge on dermatology, from all the books she read, freckles are onset of pigmentation. See, I told you she was is obsessed. While I adore my freckles, I do realise that my mom is right. Therefore I use sunscreen everyday without fail to keep my cute little freckles from spreading to become ugly patches of pigmentation (pigmentation is catalysed by sun damage). Just to keep them in check. Certainly not to “erase” them!

Being a typical asian female, my absolute priority skincare concern has always been about whitening. Some of my significant skincare splurges over the years include:

  1. Biotherm Bioresource range – rectified my very dry skin during my late teens to normal/combination skin now. Loved the Aquasource Non-Stop moisturiser!
  2. Murad, the Pomegranate range – my most exorbitant skincare purchase ever! Couldn’t bring myself to buy the second set after spending a third of my monthly salary on the first one. Plus, results wasn’t anything to shout about.
  3. Clinique Derma White range – after two sets I see no results…..at all! Didn’t think it’s worth a third set. I continued using their All About Eyes eye cream though, love it!

Then there were random splurges on night creams, face masks, anti-aging serums of various (again, expensive) brands every now and then.

Then I found Shiseido! I’ve always dodged Shiseido because it is super expensive in Malaysia! I took the plunge and never looked back! I loved it. I have used the White Luscent range and The Skincare range and they are both awesome. Most importantly I saw results before the first bottle finished. They keep my freckles in check instead of erasing them too 🙂

I have been a loyal fan of Shiseido ever since. In New Zealand, Shiseido has very good value sets for sale along with fancy and practical free gifts. I get all giddy whenever my bottle of toner or moisturiser finishes because then I get to shop for new ones and get free gifts.

My recent Shiseido splurge

Last week, I treated myself with a brand new White Luscent promo-set ($86 dollar savings!) which came with a cute makeup bag. To qualify for the 9-piece gift set, I picked up another face massage cum deep cleansing cream (I had to buy at least 2 Shiseido products to qualify). The lady over the counter must have seen me cringe at the total price and offered me a further 15% discount. Sweet!

My 9-piece gift set: travel size Shiseido skincare, makeup and fragrance products, plus the bag too!

Yes I splurged but it’s all worth it and I’m happy!

Que the L’Oreal TV commercial (ironically for my Shiseido buy instead): Because you’re worth it!

What’s your favourite skincare brand, if you have one? Do you have a skincare product you swear by? What’s your skincare regime like? Share your secret girls!


24 comments on “Women’s Right To Skincare Products

  1. Michi says:

    Oooh! Great post! I’m currently looking into face creams, because I’ve noticed MY slight freckles darken. Though I’m careful to use sunscreen everyday, I think I’m generally most exposed to the sun here since I walk everywhere. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look into it. I hope they sell online!

    • Tien says:

      Thanks Michi! Try strawberry.net, they offer free delivery worldwide! I think aging is one of the factors why our skin is more prone to sun damage, even with sunscreen 😦

  2. Vixter2010 says:

    I’m more of a handbag girl but I love products too! I use Simple range mostly and make sure I take my make up off everday cos of the London grime 🙂 I buy Clarins hand cream, that’s my spurge. Great post!

  3. D... says:

    My dear friend Tien, I am a hybrid of both. I grew up with Coach from the time I was able to speak, kid you not, and moved on from there. But I am now obsessed with skincare. SPF is a way of life in Southern California. I had really good skin as a teen, but I’ve had issues with the environment, so every so often my skin acts up, so I obsess over skin care too now. FYI I love the girly post!!!!!!!!

    • Tien says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, skincare is totally the shiznit LOL! Just saw that my pictures got messed up in this post…..will rectify it tonight so that I can show my recent splurge… 😉

  4. Nicole says:

    I love Neutregina products!

    • Tien says:

      Oh I love love love the Neutrogena hand cream! Its so effective for dry skin and it smells so nice. I use it for my chapped lips too 🙂

  5. Dakota says:

    I’m a boy and I like skincare ha ha. But because I’m mixed race, I always am confronted with dry skin from my European side, and then Oily skin from my ethnic side. It’s so annoying. Now I rarely use any skincare and my skin is perfect. A bit of soap sometimes… And some French products. LOL

    p.s you’re in nz?

    from dakotad.com

    • Tien says:

      Hi Dakota, thanks for stopping by to comment! Oh, you are one of the rare ones of the male species who knows how to take care of themselves, kudos to you! The French certainly knows about beauty so I’m sure you’re “in good hands” ;)Yes, I’m an international student studying in Auckland now!

  6. shinloo says:

    i’m currently using cellnique… i feel it’s super expensive especially the moisturizer… so for moisturizer i stick with cheaper one – skinfood 😛 however, i don’t really see any difference when i switch skincare product… thus i really don’t know which to choose and which one suits me the best… i’ve always have this problem and i’m frustrated… even now i’m using cellnique for almost a year already but still i cant tell the difference… any advice, tien?

    one thing i do notice, is that my skin is becoming dry and not as oily as during my teenage years… probably because i’m getting old la… and i also notice doing masks helps a little… coz i feel after doing mask my face looks a bit clearer (though the next day it goes back to normal) 😦

    • Tien says:

      Hey Shinloo, I’ve never tried Cellnique but I’ve heard some good reviews. You have to know what your skin condition is. Is there something you are trying to rectify e.g. fairer skin or acne problem? If you are just maintaining your skin just as it is, I say go for moisturising ranges (for normal/combination skin). Try biotherm la, its cheaper and I find it nice….my opinion. Yes, I love masks too….it definitely makes my face look more radiant after washing it off. Aiya, maybe you are expecting too much from it? You have to use it continuously to see results…

  7. scrambled7 says:


  8. YAY! Makeup is my thing & skincare is the grown up big sister of makeup. I’ve been looooving Clarins super lift eye serum. Also, Arbonne’s RE9 line is amazing, but really expensive. I swear by NIA24 skin strengthening lotion and their cleansing scrub. LOL, I could go on all day! Thanks for the girly post! Loves it!

  9. I’m always on the lookout for a good face cream. Think I’ll give some of your choices a try. I tell my daughters all the time about the importance of skin care while they are young. Thanks for sharing, Diane

  10. I cringe at the thought of the thousands and thousands I have spent on skincare products! My most recent splurge was Creme de la Mer. My dermatologist said I don’t need to spend that much money on skincare but I can’t help it, I want the best! 🙂 The only HG skincare product I have is Clarins Day Protection Lotion (something like that) SPF 40. Other than that, I’m always buying and trying new things, on the hunt for the perfect routine.

    • Tien says:

      Thanks for dropping by to comment! I agree, like what my mom always say – never put a price on your face! I heard of Creme de la Mer, it’s secret ingredient is some sea-based plant is it? How is that working for your skin? Me too, sometimes I buy random masks and serums too….I’m addicted like that LOL!

      • They call it the “miracle broth”..I don’t remember its exact content but yes it does include kelp and some other stuff. Supposedly the key to activating the “miracle broth” is warming up the creme before applying it. I’ve only used it for a week now so I haven’t seen any results. Two of my friends use it though and their skin is absolutely amazing. Makeup and skincare products are absolutely addicting, you are right! 😀

  11. […] know Tien posted some of her splurges, I wonder what everyone else is using. Tell me gals, and guys if […]

  12. nadia says:

    As much as I love to try different skincare products, I could never get myself to spend money on them. Perhaps it has something to do with observing my mom always using stuff found in the kitchen like yoghurt, mashed banana, tomatoes, etc, as her facial masks.

    I’ve used Neutrogena products though, and Clean & Clear, and St. Ives apricot scrub.

    Oh, and I think I’m a handbag type of person.

    • Tien says:

      I’ve heard many “recipes” of homemade face masks….I think they are interesting and I like the concept of natural products. And since they are edible, it’s not considered as putting chemicals on your face. I’m too lazy to make my own though 😉
      Yes, I love Neutrogena’s hand cream, I find it very effective to cure dry skin, even chapped lips! I think I used Clean and Clear’s acne wash once before and I am still actively using the same apricot scrub, love it 🙂

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