The Power Of Branding

While checking my e-mail this morning, it got me thinking about branding and how it programs our minds to link certain consumer products or services to businesses associated with them.

Old-fashioned sales and marketing strategies focused entirely at spreading the word about a product through advertisements hoping it will reach more buyers. Branding on the other hand, aims specifically at reminding consumers of a certain brand name or icon when they think of a product, without even looking at a single advertisement.

A quick search in google revealed that the most successful brands in the world include Coca Cola, Disney, Microsoft and many more.

As I glanced through the list, the fact that I could almost immediately pair up each brand with a product or service just shows how successful those brands are. For example, when I think of fizzy drinks, I think of Coca Cola. When I think of cartoons, I think of Disney. The same way how my mind automatically associates hamburgers with McDonald’s and fried chicken with KFC.

In Malaysia, baby diapers are referred to as Pampers, and instant noodles are called Maggie noodles.

Amazing isn’t it? The power of branding and how it controls the way we think without us even knowing! It’s almost like hypnosis.

However, when I think of The Blue Pill (Viagra), my mind quickly gets reminded of spam e-mails. Not “magic cure” or “happier men” but spam e-mails. Branding success story gone wrong…..?


11 comments on “The Power Of Branding

  1. vixter2010 says:

    So true, those brands totally shape how we view products. One brand over here even uses this in its adverts – beans means Heinz.

  2. genn says:

    Spam emails are the bane of my life. Nowadays I’m receiving lesser of emails trying to sell me something to last or grow longer. Instead I have many ‘friends’ with access to offshore accounts of dead relatives haha…

  3. D... says:

    Branding is critical for all companies that deal with the consumer, which says a lot about us as a society. It’s a lot of hype and very little substance.

    I remember when I was getting my undergrad in business, we all had to take marketing, it was both an interesting and weird class. We used to think of the different departments as personality indicators, like marketing majors meant that they were fun party people. Not always the rule, but good in general.

    Shh….Biscuit is sleeping…. 🙂

    • Tien says:

      I’ve always been fascinated with the “science” of business, especially marketing and adveritising. I think the success of a marketing strategy has got a lot to do with human psychology. Yes, I get the same vibe about people in marketing. Perhaps it’s got a lot to do with the fact that they need to “go out there” a lot to make themselves a successful marketer….

      • D... says:

        Marketing is all about creating the illusion of desire. We all lived our lives without these products, so there has to be a concentrated effort to “convince” people that this product is desirable/necessary/integral to our lives in some way. It does has a lot to do with research and psychology. I think it’s mostly about understanding how people think and how to use that the company’s advantage, ie finding that trigger.

  4. nadia says:

    “…when I think of The Blue Pill (Viagra), my mind quickly gets reminded of spam e-mails.” Ha ha! Same here 😀

    In the Philippines, people go to buy ‘Colgate’ and not toothpaste, because when the shop owner hands a tube of Colgate, people would then say, “No, not that one. Give me Close-Up!”.

    And a lot of people say ‘Xerox’ instead of photocopy.

  5. Tien says:

    Ahhh yes, how can I forget Colgate, haha! That’s another good one….the Xerox machine 🙂

  6. shinloo says:

    actually when u said “blue pill”, i thought of matrix…

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