I Wish

Every morning, I take the bus to university. During one of my routine bus rides, I watched as a mother with two  young children in tow got onto the bus and asked what the total fare for her kids were.

“How old are they?” the driver asked.

Patting the palm of her hands lightly on each of the children in turn, she said “This girl here is three and this boy is four.”

“Alright that would be a total of…for all three of you….”

Suddenly the driver was interrupted.

Tugging at the lady’s left hand vigorously and looking up frowning, the little boy shouted, “Noooooo!! Mommy….I am five! FIVE….!!” He appeared to be really upset.

“Oh sorry, this one’s five,” the lady corrected.

“Five? But you just said he’s only four!” the driver laughed, teasing the lady.

“Yes I know, it’s terrible!” she answered rolling her eyes and turned to the boy and said “Sorry, honey!”

Everyone chuckled as the lady paid and took a seat with her kids.

I smiled at the encounter and thought, why is it that children get upset when you think they are younger than their actual age while adults (especially ladies) get offended vice versa? Some even dodge the age question like it’s taboo. Why is it that kids can’t wait to grow up and when they finally do, they wish they wouldn’t have to?

When I was a kid, I can’t wait to be a working adult because from what I observed, working adults don’t have homework and exams. When I was in high school, I can’t wait to go to university because then I don’t have to wear school uniform. When I was in university, I can’t wait to start working and earn my own living. When I finally graduated and got a job, I wish I could go back to being a student. When I started graduate school, I was happy about student life for a while but now I can’t wait to finish and get it over with.

But most of all, I wish I never had to grow up in the first place and be five and carefree forever. I guess the grass is indeed always greener on the other side. To that little boy on the bus, you don’t know what you are going to be missing!


21 comments on “I Wish

  1. genn says:

    Haha… this is so true. We are always wishing to be at some other age except for the real age.

  2. Delvise says:

    For me, I never want to grow up ever since I was a kid. I enjoyed my life back then, fun, watch cartoons, play with my toys (although I still have it now), nap time, someone will feed you….many things. But those were the days that you can only keep them in your memory and move on with your current life. And believe it or not, my youngest memories I have till now is when I was still not able to speak properly (should be 2 yrs old). The images still very clear in my head.
    For ladies, just accept the fact you are getting older. =p

    • Tien says:

      Wow you must be a really wise kid Delvise 😉 And it’s amazing that you can remember so far back….before you can speak..?
      Well most ladies are sensitive about age. I prefer to view age as just a number 🙂

      • delvise says:

        Hahaha…..not really wise, my friend. It’s just that when you feel good with something, you wouldn’t want them to go away, likewise if something that you hate and dislike, you would want them to go away. That’s why I cherish my childhood a lot, especially not about yourself, but the people that you care a lot, how your parent treated you…everything, it’s a process of life.
        The kid in the story maybe being bullied by some bigger or older kids or can’t enjoy some of the attractions thus wanted to grow up faster.
        Anyway, I believe the kid just wanted to correct his mum’s mistake on his age, nothing more but that. We just think too much only….hahaha =D

        • Tien says:

          That just shows how wise you really were even as a kid! I mean how many kids know how to appreciate what they are given? I always think it’s like catch 22. The most carefree days of your life is during childhood, but as a child you lack the depth to cherish it. Instead you get upset by menial things like when your parents forbid you from watching TV or refuse to buy you another new toy. When you finally grow out of the naivety, it’s already too late and you can’t turn back time. But for your case, you are indeed a very unique child Delvise 🙂 Nolah, the kid was really upset, like he was insulted or something hahaha….! Thanks for your thoughts Delvise, my wise friend 😉

  3. Jellster says:

    I love your blog, Tien~!
    Thx for sharing your thoughts, Keep it up~! =)

  4. D... says:

    Oh that’s too funny. I think at that age you want everyone to know that you are in fact five. I am with you, I wish I were five again, if just for a day. Just the other day I was thinking that when I was a kid I used to envy those older couples who were taking their morning walks as I was being delivered to school. Now that I finished grad school, I miss it, even so much that I think about going for a Ph.D. or J.D. or some other sort of D. Enjoy your time Love 🙂

  5. Fariza says:

    hehe…. Yea, I still remember when I was little, i couldn’t wait to become a ‘grown up’, just so that i can put on make up and high-heels!!! LOL!

  6. vixter2010 says:

    So true, I saw being grown up as some amazing place and now I’m here I’d like to be that kid again 🙂

  7. Yep, kids treat older age like a badge of honor. They never want to be the baby. I, on the other hand, feel like a 15 year old trapped in a 28 year old’s body.

  8. nadia says:

    Ha ha! That’s really funny! 😀

    I’d like to be in my mid-twenties forever.

  9. Tien says:

    The mid twenties must be the happiest days of your life 🙂

  10. Claire says:

    Well if it helps… I’m only 5 this year 😛

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