I Am Plastic

I am plastic. No, not the cosmetic surgery kind of plastic, I meant the non-flexible (or rather non-elastic?) kind. I was reminded (painfully) how plastic my body actually is during a yoga class session in the university gym last Friday.

When I first joined a yoga class more than 3 years ago, I realised that I am extremely unflexible and yoga was really, I mean really difficult and painful for me. I was the only student with her knees sticking upwards when doing the simplest almost un-yoga sitting pose. While doing the forward bend, my finger tips were almost 2 inches away from my toes no matter how hard I try to painfully stretch further. Other students, including aunties were touching their toes with the centre of their palms or grasping their feet with elbows touching the ground.

Yes I was that bad. However, I was stubborn and continued to attend classes 3 times a week to improve my flexibility. After about 6 strenuous weeks, my fingers were about an inch from my toes instead of two. Yup, still not touching and but it was slowly getting easier! It’s a shame I had to stop the sessions after 6 weeks.

I must acknowledge that yoga indeed increased my overall body strength and helped a lot with relaxation which in turn helped me sleep better at night. That was why when I found out that the university gym is offering yoga classes, I was eager to join. It somehow slipped my mind that it has been 3 yoga-less years and that I should have considered the age factor. Last Friday’s 90-minute yoga session felt like a year of torture…!

Again, I was the only one with the knees sticking out during warm up and I felt like my ham-strings were going to be torn while doing the forward bend. I was in too much pain to notice how many inches away I was from my toes. By the end of the warm up section, I was already panting. Then the instructor wanted us to do this:

With my head upside down and my ankles refusing to touch the floor, the instructor came up behind me and pulled my hips to towards herself to help me. Holy-moly I felt like my legs were going to snap at that very moment. The pull on my calves was so strong and no matter how hard she tried, my ankles stayed up! She had to give up in the end.

Moving on to the next one, no matter how hard I try to pull myself, my body wouldn’t bend one bit during the bow pose (below). It just wouldn’t budge. It was as if my chest and thighs were glued to the floor.

Several other stretchy and twisty beginner poses later left me weak and ready to give up. My limbs were faint and I could hardly even hold the cobra pose properly (below). My arms were literally shaking. As the instructor went “Be aware of your body, concentrate and breathe”, all I could think was “Let me die, let me die now please!”

Alas, the only pose I was able to perform accurately and effortlessly towards the end of the session was…..the corpse pose. (Hahahaha….!!)

After 10 minutes of relaxation in the corpse pose, the session ended. Finally….! As I pulled my body up, I could already feel the strain I had put my body through the last 90 minutes. To be fair, I slept like a baby that night. I think it was due more to exhaustion than yoga itself. No more yoga for me (a shame I know). I am too old and plastic to do it all over again!

Do you practise yoga or are you a plastic like me?

*All images from http://www.yogajournal.com


18 comments on “I Am Plastic

  1. vixter2010 says:

    I would be just the same lol

  2. rossie says:

    tien.. i wanna see your picx doing yoga.. or shud i join the yoga class too.. 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    Ha, ha. Poor girl. I am definitely plastic… At least you survived. I’m thinking that I would have snapped. Lol. Good for you to try yoga again. I’ve never done it, but I should because I’m not flexible at all!

  4. rossie says:

    a yr ago, a friend recommended me to try yoga when i complaint that i easily feel tired.. then i d/loaded lots of yoga clips but never try it cause i found zumba n felt in love with it.. ;D now that yoga is free in uni gym, i shud give a try.. jom!!

    • Tien says:

      I see….but I recommend you to do it in a class instead of trying at home on your own. You may easily hurt yourself while trying a pose. Yoga is a totally different kind of work out from Zumba. It’s more to strength training, and of course stretching as opposed to cardio workout (zumba). Go ahead and join Rossie! But really……I can’t join you, because it is too painful for me….. 😦

  5. shinloo says:

    I’m as plastic as you, to be honest. But yoga is not about doing the perfect pose. Of course if you can do the poses perfectly it’s good, but it’s more about your inner peace. I love it.

    I used to go to the free yoga classes give by my company but it’s canceled this year due to poor attendance. What a shame because I enjoyed the classes so much. I took more than half a year to get my fingers as close as 2 cm from my toes during the warming up. But now I have to give it all up. 😦 I tried to find some paid classes outside but I feel it’s too far and I’ll have to have late dinner.

    Now my company is offering pilate classes. It’s more or less like yoga but it focuses more on stretching. It’s going to start in mid April. I certainly hope I will be able to touch my toes this time.

  6. Tien says:

    It’s good to hear you enjoyed it! I used to enjoy it too although it hurts because, like you said it does help with that inner peace and relaxation. But I think age caught up, I am no longer as “patient” with yoga. All the best with Pilates!

  7. D... says:

    You know I tried this during my undergrad, after one class I ran away. But I can do a couple of the poses. But I don’t think I can do it in public. I think I would bust out laughing and topple over, laughing all the way down. Yoga can be my secret shame.

  8. Fariza says:

    oh, simply put it this way… yoga it’s just not my thing! hehehe… even worse, i’m a “kayu”! 😀

  9. 2prex4u says:

    funny post! ima keep myself tuned with your blog from now on. =)

  10. […] is good but it’s also hard work. Yoga is definitely a no-go! An expired gym membership just makes it that much harder to keep with the exercise […]

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