All That Clutters

More than 2 years ago, I arrived in Auckland with only a laptop, a large suitcase and a hand-carry bag. I moved from one place to another for not once, twice nor thrice but 4 times! Each time I moved, I discover I have more and more stuff to carry. From one additional boxful of clothes and kitchen consumables to more shelves, storage chests….oh my gosh! I would’ve included the car too but I figured it doesn’t count since it lumps uncountable items to become one two carloads of stuff. The last time I moved, I can fit myself only into the third carload.

A very good friend once told me, “If you think you are poor, try moving and see.”

So scaringly true! Since moving to this current place that Terry and I are renting (we’re only renting a room by the way), we have added a queen-sized bed, one TV, one de-humidifier and one TV cabinet into the list. That is not the point. The room is very comfortably sized for us and it has a good-sized closet too. Somehow, random  items start to accumulate under the table, behind the door, beside the cabinet and pretty much all corners in the room every few days. I try to keep our room pleasant by de-cluttering every week. And as the weeks go by, I find the accumulation of clutter getting bigger and bigger and before I know it, I need additional space to store them!

Everything is packed to the brim – the closet, the drawers, the storage box, even my original luggage is full of stuff. I really have no idea where all these items appear from! I swear I haven’t been shopping for clothes or shoes or anything bulky for ages. Oh and let’s not get started with our shelf in the kitchen cabinet. The number of jars and bottles keep growing.  We occasionally sell items no longer needed on Trade Me (New Zealand’s online auction site) to try to get rid of clutter. So far we have sold a mini shelf, a TV aerial,  a printer, several electronic items, but still the de-cluterring process seem to be endless.

Alright, I agree that every little purchase counts and it accumulates to becoming clutter. It is almost impossible for me to keep track of the accumulation before I notice clutter under the table for example. Last week, Terry and I bought another 5-storey, 1.6-meter  high wooden shelf to organise our “clutter”. The shelf was full! Everything is organised at the moment but I knew it won’t be long until clutter starts appearing again. Perhaps I should try harder to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a dilemma because like everyone else, I long for the day when we can stop renting and have a place of our own. But if one room produces clutter to this extent, I can’t imagine what will be if we have a whole house to ourselves! I am aware of the fact that we need professional movers the next time we move, sighs. Now, if you excuse me, I have to clear up this little “hill” beside my bed.

Do you have a problem with clutter too?


16 comments on “All That Clutters

  1. Min Yee says:

    Hi there,

    Yes I have a ‘clutter’ problem. Actually not ‘a’ but heaps! Imagine that moving to a bigger place, gotta fill in those empty spaces, James and I bought lots crap – esp furniture.
    I am so glad that this coming Wed, we can de-clutter our clothes because a pink plastic bag was given to us and to fill in clothes that we do not want and to be donated to Children’s charity. We will work on that.
    Going to Malaysia soon, I wonder how many bags we are going to bring back esp clothes. Quite worrying at the moment as well.
    I am sure that we contribute to the economic development 🙂

    • Tien says:

      I hear you Minyee 🙂
      Suppose you are pulling the “check in empty luggage and fill it up to come back to NZ” trick…?
      Haha….who could resist shopping in Malaysia seriously!
      Kudos on the pink plastic bag though!

  2. nadia says:

    Oh yes, I do! In fact, I had plans to organize my home this weekend, like throw away stuff that can’t be recycled but are still taking up precious space in my home. Alas, I ended up working overtime for this deadline that I have at work, so the clutter is still there.

  3. genn says:

    oh yes, i have a huge problem with clutter because i’m a hoarder. and i collect too many things – books, cds, dvds, cute containers from Japan etc. my husband likens me to the old folks who are unwilling to throw anything away.

  4. vixter2010 says:

    For sure! I buy way too
    many books, films and CDs and they are overtaking my life 🙂 it’s so hard to keep things organised!!

    • Tien says:

      It’s a good thing you know what’s making your clutter Vix! When I do de-cluttering, I end up with so much random stuff that’s almost impossible to categorise it’s upsetting…

  5. shinloo says:

    i try to minimize my clutter… my house is small enough already let alone my room!!! 😦

  6. Claire says:

    I think we all have a bit of the ‘hoarder’ in us… 😛

    I declutter/organize stuff at home about every 2-3 weeks once and there’s always something on a counter/shelf top or extra clothes hanging by the towel rack or books and mags that I really don’t have a place to put

  7. kenix says:

    I have a lot of clothes!!!

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