Today I am going to blog about people whom I admire. Not a list of names per se, but I am going to attempt to describe the types of people I admire. In a nutshell, I respect people who has the ability to do stuff that I am not good at or not even able to perform. Well, if I can do it myself, why would I admire you for being able to do it too, fair? So in a way, this post is sort of a tribute to a few talents I lack.

You know there is this theory that says the human brain is divided into two – the right brain and the left brain? The left brain is associated with logic while the right is all about creativity. I am definitely not a rightie in this case. I hated art in school because I can’t draw, I still can’t! And I don’t feel anything when staring at drawings in art galleries. And don’t get me started on ‘coming up with bright ideas’.

By now, you would’ve guessed that I admire artists. If you are a rightie, a strong apparent rightie, I admire you! I applaud those who possess highly creative minds and the ability to visualise something beautiful and recreate it perfectly. The designers – painters, interior designers, fashion designers, web designers and architects to name a few. In addition, I salute those who often think outside the box. Writers – fiction writers, screenwriters, people who create awesomesauce commercials, slogans., taglines…I mean where did they get all these wonderful ideas from?

On the other hand, I can’t say I am very much of a leftie either. All I can say is I enjoy filling in forms (very much!) and following instructions. I have afterall studied science since forever and now trained as an engineer so that would at least endow me as a leftie. Okay, maybe I am just average.

Because I see myself as (more of) a leftie, I am very specific with the qualities I admire in another leftie. Very specific. If you are excellent in playing Chess – Chinese or Korean or International – you are my hero! I am familiar with the rules of the game but oh my, I can’t play Chess for the life of me! For me, Chess is just another board game with fancier checkers. For serious Chess players, it is a strategy game where you need to plan design your every move while at the same time attempt to read your opponent’s mind and be a few steps ahead to emerge as the winner. A highly analytical mind is at an advantage in this game. It takes a lot of patience and  scrutiny which both I lack.

Somehow, I feel that political and economic analysts would ultimately be very good Chess players don’t you think? Both fields require pretty much the same characteristics in its participants to be at an advantage. Political and economic analysts are highly sophisticated and intelligent individuals and I am happy to include them on my list. (Logical algorithm: Political and economic analysts equal chess players, if I admire chess players I admire political and economic analysts too. Okay, I am a leftie).

So there you have it, the people I admire – designers, writers and chess players, and consequently political and economic analysts.

P.S. Terry is a really good Chess player – both International and Chinese Chess 😉


3 comments on “Admirations

  1. nadia says:

    I hear you, Tien. I’m somewhere in between; not a complete leftie, nor a rightie. I think that’s better though, don’t you think? We don’t excel in anything in particular, so we focus on a lot more things 😀

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