The Art Of Comparison

Shin Loo is a very close friend of mine, with whom I share a lot in common. She blogs at The Geographically Blind,  which is an inspiration for me to start blogging. 🙂 She has a wicked sense of humour, often expressed through her posts. The Art of Comparison (original post here) is one of my favourite entries from her blog and I am sharing it here today. Enjoy…!

The Art Of Comparison

Being depressed about life in general, a friend wrote an entry in her blog which I’d like to share it with you here.

There was this person in Hell, let’s call the person X.
So, X was living a relatively happy life.
There were happy days, sad days,
and recently, many stressful ones.
But it’s okay.
Because X believed that the days will past.
And there will be sunshine after the rain.
And X was glad of the life X had.
Life could not have been better.
Then one day, X met Y.
Y was someone from heaven.
So, Y was talking about how perfect and wonderful life is.
Y was having the best time of Y’s life.
That was when X realized that X had been living in hell all this while.
And X craves to go to heaven.
And as Y continues talking about the fun and happiness.
And X wonders, why did Y have to tell X?
Why did Y had to torture X that way??

-The End-

“The End”, it says… but it is not the ending. The story is not complete. The complete story goes like this:

X continued to be very unhappy.
He kept thinking why he had to suffer like this, while Y can live a good life.
This thought troubled him by day, haunted him by night.
But then one day, X met Z.
Z was someone from the Earth.
Z was not a happy person.
He complained to X that his life sucks.
He had to go to work everyday, get a tiny weeny bit of salary in order to survive.
His boss treated him like a slave; his colleagues back-stabbed him.
Only to be retrenched due to recession.
Now that he was jobless and penny-less, his wife left him and ran away with another man.
His son got into drugs and his under age daughter got pregnant.
He was helpless and didn’t know what to do.
That was when X realized that he had been living in heaven all this while.
And Z continued to nag about his troubles and problems.
X was sympathetic.
And at the same time glad, and contented about his life.


Now that’s the ending. The moral of the story? Choose the right person to compare with and try not to make yourself feel miserable. 🙂


6 comments on “The Art Of Comparison

  1. Kenix says:

    good sharing!lol

  2. fariza says:

    thanks for sharing this wonderful piece… ;D

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