Happy Chinese New Year, Kiwi-Bunny Style!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Say hello to Newton, Hannah's cute bunny

The Lunar New Year of the Rabbit arrived almost unnoticed here in New Zealand on 3 February 2011. No Chinese New Year (CNY) ‘tung-chiang-tung-chiang’ songs, no CNY-rush traffic jams, no red ornaments or CNY banners in shops, no CNY TV shows, heck I even had to go to university on the first day of CNY (chor 1)!

The second day of CNY (chor 2) fell on a Friday. I decided I deserved at least a little holiday for CNY and took a day off, and I spent it preparing a few CNY dishes for our Kiwi flatmates Hannah and Murray; sort of to make up for a family reunion dinner Terry and I did not get to have on the eve of CNY.

On the other hand, knowing that Terry and I were thousands of miles away from home during this major Chinese festival, Hannah and Murray was really sweet and thoughtful. They made it a point to celebrate with us and make us feel just at home. Guess what they gave us as CNY gift?! (Hint: Not red packets of cash…. ;))

A surprise CNY gift

Many weeks ago, I had casually asked Hannah about fishing and crabbing in New Zealand. I have never gone fishing in my life and had always wanted to go on a fishing trip. Just to get us started, Hannah and Murray presented us with a fishing kit complete with baits and hooks and floats and…..an awesome fillet knife! We were so touched with their attention to detail…. 🙂

Now a fishing trip with them is definitely in my to-do-list in the year of the Rabbit!

Next up: CNY dinner with my Kiwi ‘family’.


2 comments on “Happy Chinese New Year, Kiwi-Bunny Style!

  1. nadia says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    How thoughtful and sweet of your friends! I’ve done fishing years ago, in the Philippines, and it is so much fun. I hope you have a great time fishing too.

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