Autumn in Japan (VIII)

Day 9: Harajuku (Final day in Japan)

I spent the last day of my awesome Japan trip in Harajuku where I wanted to catch a glimpse of the infamous Harajuku girls (thanks to Gwen Stefani) who only make appearances during weekends. Kenix and I arrived at the seriously crowded Harajuku train station late morning that Saturday. Kenix then brought me to the best ramen in Japan for lunch – Kyusyujangara Ramen.

The toppings menu outside of Jangara Ramen

The queue outside the little stall was unbelievable! Our orders were taken when we were queuing and when we were finally seated about 15 minutes later, our ramen arrived almost immediately. Jangara ramen – as the locals call it, is special because you get to have unlimited toppings of your choice with your ramen…well you’re charged per topping of course! Kenix ordered identical toppings for both of us. It came to 900 yen a bowl and it was Kenix’ treat 🙂

Jangara is number 1 see?

The crowd inside Jangara Ramen

It was the most delicious ramen I have ever had! The most flavoursome broth, springy ramen and delicious toppings of pork, mentaiko (crab roe I think, so yum!), wood-ear fungus and pickled vegetables. Oh the thought of it makes me crave for it now….!

The creme de la creme was the heavenly red-coloured dollop of mentaiko!

With our tummy filled with awesome ramen, we walked towards the Harajuku station again to meet Ryan and Danny. Ryan was the only who knows where exactly to go to if we wanted to spot Harajuku girls. Kenix had no idea (tsk!). On our way, we saw a pair of very weird street performers. The man was playing his saxophone and his partner was dressed like …..erm corpse bride! And she was doing this body bending and her hands was at weird angles. Her face was creepily made up white. Perhaps she was trying to look like a puppet..?

The corpse bride

Ryan and Danny joined us and we head towards Takeshita Street. It was packed like mad! We saw a few Harajuku girls dressed in Lolita dresses but they were walking so swiftly and seemed very reluctant to be photographed. There were a few interesting street performers who were happy to be photographed in the area though.

Takeshita Street

A street performer happy to pose for photographs

The only blurry shot of a Harajuku girl in Lolita dress

Interesting Harajuku fashion

After braving our way through the crowd on Takeshita Street we walked towards Harajuku station again because I only have another to go before I have to catch the train to the Narita Airport Terminal. At the vicinity of the station, Ryan pointed towards a line up of “Free Hugs”. Many passers-by were just taking photographs from a distance. I felt bad for them and gave each a big hug! It was bizarre and fun 🙂

I hugged each of them!

Another cute street performer nearby claimed he can sing in your language, any language. I checked and yes, he can sing a song in Malay, wow! He also put up a notice at the upper right corner of his impressive song list that says “Marry Me”!

"I can sing a song in your language!"

Click to enlarge the impressive songs list (Check out the notice at the upper right corner!)

Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave Japan. Kenix and I hugged and we said our farewells at the Harajuku station where I would be heading to Shinjuku station to board the Narita express to the airport while she headed home to Kawasaki.

It was a very memorable trip. Japan is a wonderful holiday destination. I would love to go back someday…..! And this time, I must go for Onsen 🙂

Thanks for everything Kenix, I miss you already!

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5 comments on “Autumn in Japan (VIII)

  1. Kenix says:

    i miss you dearly……

  2. […] happiest place in the world that is Disneyland, the cold breeze of Machida and the quirky-ness of Harajuku girls. All of them deserve the most beautiful post tag in my […]

  3. nadia says:

    I love your Japan series!

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