Lettuce Abundance

A while ago before I started this blog, I was inspired after reading one of my favourite bloggers, Karen Cheng’s post about her lettuce box. So last November (late spring), I decided to try out my very own lettuce box. Coincidentally, there was a sale at the nursery – $5 for 5 punnets of assorted summer vegetable seedlings! Terry and I bought a punnet each of tomato, corn and brocolli seedlings, a punnet of iceberg lettuce and another punnet of a mixture of some fancy lettuce (I forgot the name) and cos lettuce. There were 6 seedlings in each punnet so we had enough to start a full vegetable patch!

Terry filled an old plastic storage box half full with ordinary dirt dug from our backyard. He planted 2 iceberg lettuce seedlings and 4 of the cos lettuce and fancy lettuce mix on top and set it in with about 2 inches of potting mix. Then I put the box in the sunniest spot of our backyard. The rest of the seedlings were planted straight to the ground. Just like what Karen said, the lettuce planted on the ground was prone to snail and slugs attack, while the ones in the box did just fine.

I watered them every morning and about 2 weeks later, I was picking decent amounts of crispy and sweet fresh lettuce leaves for salads or stir fry very frequently.  The leaves grew so quickly that I had to harvest and give away a big bag to a friend before it goes to waste because its turning old and stiff! Plus, we were getting sick of having lettuce every single week! 😉


One comment on “Lettuce Abundance

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