The lowest a person can go is when he/she decided to inflict pain and suffering unto another being. What more if the victim is a helpless animal puppy. In my opinion, these people are scumbags, much worse than murderers or thieves….cowards!

The Malaysian news is currently tracking two monsters involved in a horrible case of dog abuse which was captured on video. The 15-minute video shows how a man (Scumbag #1) was slapping, punching and throwing a toy poodle around while trying to make him stand on 2 hind legs, punishing it each time it failed to do so. Yes for a full 15 minutes! All this while his partner (Scumbag #2) films the whole ordeal without any intention of rescuing the poor puppy.

The video spread like wildfire on Facebook and soon the identities of the scumbags surfaced – Allan Tan and Doreen Loo. You can both rot in hell…! (Excuse my language)

I feel reluctant to embed the video here but I would want people to know how mean and cruel these scumbags are. So click this link if you would like to watch how Sushi the toy poodle was abused and bullied. But be warned, it is very very very disturbing. I need not watch more than 2 minutes to know they deserved to be punished heavily! I only made it to 5 minutes. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

Apparently Doreen has another shih-tzu which she claimed on her Facebook account “can stand up too”. People are concerned Sushi is not the only victim. The SPCA is investigating and working very hard to get the culprits arrested and put to justice. But when I read the Malaysian Law against Animal Cruelty, my heart sank. The most the scumbags are getting is a fine of 200 MYR (~65 USD) and 6 months imprisonment.

In comparison to the penalties enforced in other countries, Malaysia has a LOT of catching up to do. These scumbags deserved more serious punishment for what they had put Sushi through. It’s an embarrassment if you ask me. I hope the Malaysian government will look into this seriously. This is not the first and will not be the last case of animal cruelty in Malaysia. Ammending the law to impart heavier penalties would at least create more awareness towards animal rights. They have rights alright, and it’s up to us to defend it.

How developed a country is may be partly judged by the way her government treats the animals, Malaysia!

Please sign this petition for Sushi.


7 comments on “Scumbags

  1. Nicole says:

    Makes me angry too…

  2. shinloo says:

    signed the petition =)

  3. genn says:

    I wouldn’t even dare to watch the video, so please forgive me. What disturbs me is, such cruelty acts appear to be on the rise. Many cases have also been reported in Singapore for the past year. Too many for comfort.

    • Tien says:

      don’t worry genn i understand, i was hesitant to watch it too, it is indeed very difficult to watch. i find it very hard to believe how someone can do such a thing to a helpless puppy. sad, very sad…..and sickening!

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