Autumn in Japan (VI)

Day 6: Disneyland

On my sixth day in Japan, Kenix and I went to the happiest place in the world – Disneyland!! We pre-bought our tickets and boarded the train there early in the morning. It was a Thursday and believe it or not, there was already queues at the entrance! People were camping there, waiting for the gates to open. Kenix told me that the Japanese were big fans of Disneyland. They would return and return and return for more of Disneyland….both adults and kids!

And so Kenix and I joined in the queue, sat down and waited. As I expected, a lot of parents were bringing along their small children along. I noticed trams everywhere. Many were wearing Disney merchandise – mouse ears, Disney costumes etc. Boy, the Japanese really love Disneyland! I saw a few little girls in full on princess costumes – Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Snow White.

10 minutes before the gates were supposed to open, we saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and the whole bunch ran around near the gates waving at us. The crowd went crazy! Everyone was screaming and cheering, calling out to the Disney stars. Kids were reaching out to their beloved characters through the gates. It was such a teaser, it got everyone restless and anxious to go into Disneyland. Then the gates started opening. There were a row of I think 4 to 5 gates? The main gate was opened and people were literally running in. Yes they were running! It was kind of funny. The sight of parents, running inside Disneyland, pushing their tramsย  in front and dragging their kids with them. I can’t help but laugh out loud! Kenix said they must be rushing in to start queuing for the rides.

Anyway, our gates were still not open. Perhaps they were doing it one gate at a time.ย  Everyone was getting excited to go in. There were two teenage girls queuing behind us. Suddenly they started jumping and shrieking behind, “Kawaii, kawaii…..!!!!! Hihihihihihi…..!!!” Yes….they were that excited. Finally our gates opened and we got in. There was Disney music playing everywhere, in Japanese of course. I can’t help but feel the happiness. I couldn’t stop smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess who we spotted once we walked into Disneyland? Mickey! The queue to take a picture with him was forming quickly and we joined in. Kenix said his friend went to Disneyland thrice and never met Mickey. And I got him at the moment I stepped in…ha! We spent 40 minutes waiting in queue to take a picture with him, it was worth it. Once I got the shot, I said, “Bye Mickey, I love youuuu….!!!” Its been ages since I felt so good…just like a kid…. ๐Ÿ™‚

We walked further in and I saw the statue of the man behind it all….Walt Disney, sitting on a couch talking with Minnie. Another statue of him holding hands with Mickey made me warm and fuzzy inside for a while. Don’t know why. I guess I was reminded how I loved watching Mickey and friends when I was little.

Then I saw Cinderella’s castle, the sight that must not be missed at Disneyland. Simply beautiful.

We spent the day getting on rides, watching shows, parades and taking loads of pictures. Everything in Disneyland looked and felt magical….the colours, the architecture, the christmas decorations, the music. I really felt like I was in the happiest place in the world. From Adventure Land to Space to Toontown….pictures say a thousand words:


This is where you board "The Happiest Cruise in the World"

Kenix and Fairy Godmother

Pirates of the Caribbean (Captain Jack Sparrow was there!)

Look at the trams!

I got myself a pair of Mickey ears!

Queen of Hearts Restaurant

Another shot of the castle (in my new boots!!)

Kenix at Toontown - she got a pair of cute leopard print Mickey earmuffs

Daisy Duck

At Toontown

If you’re wondering why people were camping on the ground outside of Toontown, well they were waiting for the Christmas parade.

Buzz Lightyear

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on ice

Mickey and Minnie on ice

Pooh and friends


The chipmunks on ice

Santa Claus with his reindeers and elves

Even though all the rides and songs were in Japanese and were meant for kids, I still enjoyed myself very much! All the animatronics and design were impressive, very attractive and appealing even to grown ups like me. I would love to go back to Disneyland again someday, truly the happiest place in the world!

Next up: Shinjuku and Shibuya plus Okutama and Machida

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5 comments on “Autumn in Japan (VI)

  1. Nicole says:

    Sounds like you had a blast!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And the parade looks as though it was amazing!

  2. shinloo says:

    well, “excited” is how the japs behave all the time lolz…

  3. […] lights of Tokyo, the legendary Mount Fuji at Kawaguchiko, , the happiest place in the world that is Disneyland, the cold breeze of Machida and the quirky-ness of Harajuku girls. All of them deserve the most […]

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