I Heart Kat Edmonson

A few months ago, a Tourism Fiji ad campaign ran on New Zealand TV. It was a minute-long video clip featuring the beautiful sun, sand and sea of Fiji. The scenes were breathtaking of course. But for me, the highlight of the video was not what I saw, but the cutest song that went with it.

The Tourism Fiji ad:

Before I knew it, I was humming to the song every time it went on and for hours after that, the tune was just stuck inside my head. One day I decided I had to look up the person behind that tune. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Kat Edmonson looks as cute as she sounds on “Lucky”, the song that got me curious enough to look her up. She is from Texas and her style is jazzy. Apparently, she has become a Kiwi favourite thanks to Tourism Fiji.

You have to check out her official “Lucky” video. Don’t you just love her voice….? Mmmm….lucky you….lucky, lucky me!!


5 comments on “I Heart Kat Edmonson

  1. fariza says:

    yeah, i love this song too.. and yes, i agree with you is just so cute!
    i love it so much that i use in one of my slideshow video on FB!
    “life is just a dream”…. hehehehe

  2. fariza says:

    tien, apa la ..i nak cepat sgt..actually what i wanted to say was “the tune” is so cute 😀

  3. smiles says:

    kat is not canadian, but from houston, texas.

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