“Hold it with one hand!”

Like any other weekday, I crossed the road to make my way towards the faculty this morning. A little grumpy because its Wednesday and not Friday. As I was about to get onto the curb, there’s this little kid, half running, half skipping running pass in front of me, both hands up. I’d say he’s about 3, with curly blonde hair.

Not far behind, this young couple, obviously the parents were calling to him, “OK, hold it with one hand, hold it with one hand!”

The kid kept running. And I was squinting my eyes to see what was it that he was supposed to hold. Nope, both hands were up the air and free, no bags or toys dragging behind.

“OK! Stop!! Stop!! Stooooooppppp….!!!!”

The kid stood still, his little pants down to his ankles, hands still up. Ahhhh…..so that’s what he was supposed to hold. He was confused, looking back to his mommy, frowning. Mommy rushed to his side and pulled his pants up then took his hands to continue walking.

I can’t help but smile 🙂

I still wonder why both his hands were up in the first place though.

And oh….P.S. Happy birthday Kenix!!


One comment on ““Hold it with one hand!”

  1. kenix says:

    Thankx dear!!!!

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