He Who Has No Name

When I look into his eyes, I will be mesmerised by the deep greenish blue colour resembling the ocean. Or perhaps dark hazel brown which has a mysterious air with it. When I lean close to him, my forehead should rest just by his neck so that I could smell him behind his ear as I tiptoed.

His hair colour is a very dark brown to black, short and wavy done into a messy out-of-bed look for that rugged edge. His skin is slightly tanned indicating how he enjoys the outdoors. I wouldn’t say his skin is smooth. I could make out some visible but mild pores and acne scars, proof that he is no longer a boy but a grown man.

He would have a very strong and prominent jawline making his general facial appearance to be very striking. His broad and sturdy shoulders makes a perfect frame for a suit. The deep tone in his voice adds an air of confidence whenever he speaks.

Physical appearance aside, he is a man who appreciates good music. He would know how to play the piano and serenade decent love songs beautifully. And oh, when he dances he leads me and glides me across the floor effortlessly.

He would not necessarily buy me flowers or be a hardcore romantic, but he makes it a point to make me feel appreciated. Everything he does or says reflects the fact that he indeed feels very lucky to have me, that I should be treasured like diamonds….at all times.

He also, of course, is a genius at whatever he does for a living. He could hold conversations with his friends about topics that I would have no knowledge in whatsoever. And I would admire and listen in awe as he converses with such poise while everyone nods in agreement to his wonderful ideas and views. Everytime.

As much as I wish to meet him, I do realise that the world is not ideal, at least not in the one we live in. If against all odds, I do encounter him, I will keep note that his last name is most definitely be erm…..Casanova or Gigolo.

But rest assured, he will always have a little place in my dreams, where my heart belongs to him 🙂


3 comments on “He Who Has No Name

  1. shinloo says:

    i feel u mate, i feel u 😀

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