Autumn in Japan (V)

Day 5: Kawaguchiko

How can you not go see the Mount Fuji when in Japan? However, when Kenix suggested I include a 2 days 1 night trip to climb the Mount Fuji, I declined. I asked if there was an option of viewing the Mount Fuji without actually climbing it? You see I am a big no-no for any form of hiking uphill! And so, Kawaguchiko it was. The day trip to Kawaguchiko was a solo one as it was another working day for Kenix.

Kawaguchiko is a resort town about 3 hours train ride away from Tokyo and 800m above sea level. It is a very popular hub for Mount Fuji climbers known for its 5 lakes with views of the magnificent mountain. In Autumn, I was expecting to view Mount Fuji with a lovely snow cap. Kawaguchiko is also a very popular town for onsen – Japanese natural thermal spring baths. The catch is, you must be completely naked for the onsen!

The train ride accessing to Kawaguchiko station was very empty, I could see only one other couple other than myself. The ride allowed viewing of suburban residential houses in Japan, many with their own little vege farm. And then I saw it, the tip of Mount Fuji, right in front of my face. It was so big and clear! Simply beautiful.

A view of Mount Fuji from inside the train

I arrived at the small and lovely Kawaguchiko station at about noon time. It was very chilly. After a short visit to the tourist information centre, I decided I can only choose to visit one of the 5 lakes to view Mount Fuji during my short half day trip. I chose Lake Kawaguchiko which was nearest to the station by bus.

Kawaguchiko Station

The view of Mount Fuji at Lake Kawaguchiko was breathtaking.

More red leaves at Lake Kawaguchiko

After spending some time enjoying the sight at Lake Kawaguchiko, I hopped on the bus and stopped by the Mount Kachi Kachi Ropeway to catch a cable car ride up in order to get a better view of the Kawaguchiko town from an elevated observatory and a clearer view of the Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, by the time I got up there, the weather got cloudy and Mount Fuji was no longer visible. Nevertheless, the view up there was still very enjoyable. I met Alexis from France who was also travelling alone.

The cable car station

At the top

Mount Fuji hiding behind clouds

Alexis and me

It was a shame I did not get to try out the onsen at Kawaguchiko. By the time I got back down the cable car ride, the sun was already setting and I decided to catch my bus back to the Kawaguchiko station and bade Alexis goodbye. I reached Tokyo just in time for dinner and Kenix brought me to have this great value 500yen tempura rice complete with tempura prawns, fish and vegetables. Yum!

Next up: Disneyland

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