Autumn in Japan (IV)

Day 4: Asakusa, Odaiba and Tokyo Tower

After my 3 fully packed (no joke!) first days in Japan, Kenix planned a more relaxed day around Tokyo on day 4 for me. By the time I reached Kenix’s place from Hiroshima the night before, it was nearly midnight, and pretty flat-out. My fourth day in Japan started at a more godly hour of 10am. Kenix brought me to the Asakusa temple smacked right in the middle of Tokyo city. The highlight of Asakusa is the huge red lanterns and a busy market area filled with colourful souvenir and snack stalls.

After a good browse around the stalls, we decided to stop by for lunch at this authentic Japanese restaurant cum bar. We had this really nice sushi-on-bowl set lunch. I cannot recall what it’s called in Japanese….but its basically a selection of seafood sashimi, tamago and pickles served on sushi rice in a bowl and accompanied by a serving of miso soup. All for 1000yen. Simply divine!

We moved on to Odaiba, which houses iconic buildings like the Fuji Television Studios and the Telekom Centre building. We took a nice walk at the park with fantastic views of the sea, Rainbow Bridge and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Then we spent most of the afternoon inside the Aqua City shopping mall nearby….where I bought a pair of boots 🙂 We moved on to Venus Fort , a beautiful Venice themed shopping mall 10 minutes walk from Aqua City.

Fuji Television Studios

The Telekom building far...far behind me

The view at night

It was night time by the time we were done. Our last stop of the day was the Tokyo Tower, a train ride away. The tower was nicely lit up with orange-hued lights. Kenix brought me to have my first ever Japanese McDonald’s meal at the base…..the Ebi Burger (Prawn Burger) McValue meal, unique only to Japan, and it was good! I decided not to pay 800yen to access the observatory at the top of the tower and settled with a few shots in the vicinity.

With my new boots, worn as furry ankle boots

Ebi (Prawn) Burger McValue Meal

Next up: Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji)

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