How To Make A Couch Potato Happy

Everyday when I come home, I cook, eat, wash, shower and *plop*….I’m on the bed, remote control in hand flicking on the TV. Back in Malaysia I had cable TV at home so everything was bliss. Here in my current rented double room which I share with Terry, all we had was an old 20-inch box type and used TV and a table top indoor antenna. Which I was quite happy with since we started off with no TV at all at our very first room we rented 2 years ago. Then we moved to our second place and bought a small 14 inch $1 used TV which pretty much showed stars and flickers. Then we moved again, this time the landlord has a 30 something inch flat screen and cable TV… nice…..

Then we ended up at this current room with no TV. During our first few months here, I felt sleepy and went to bed at about 9.00pm (plus minus) every night….well because I had nothing else better to do! It was pretty depressing, being a couch potato and all…..without a TV you’re just a lazy pig who sleeps at 9.00pm!

Watching your partner turning into a pig was no fun and as such, Terry bought the above mentioned $5 20-inch used box TV off Trade Me, a local online auction website. Sort of like the Malaysian equivalent of And it came with a remote. And so I started to stay awake watching TV every night until it was 11.00pm. The couch potato was back and she was quite happy.

Anyhow, since the TV was in our own room, with no external antenna, we had to settle with a table top indoor antenna. $5 dollar bunny ears antenna didn’t work so we bought a good $30 one so that we could boost the signal reception. The pictures were not sharp because of the weak reception, but still watchable. And we could only get to receive a few channels. However, everytime I changed the channel, I had to readjust the antenna. Pretty sad….but hey at least I can watch TV.

Then Terry decided that we should get a digital decoder so that we get crystal clear pictures even though if the signal is weak. Off we went to hunt on Trade Me again and we got this 4 year old 32-in flat screen TV plus decoder at a fair price. And so he installed the huge-ass TV, connected it to the decoder and the good old indoor antenna as receiver. Voila! Crystal clear pictures! Terry’s so smart! Still not receiving all channels although with repititive tuning attemps but the couch potato was happy!

And so I get to have my TV time every night, with slight disturbances where I need to readjust the antenna position occassionally….I think its affected by weather. One day, I came home and had a pleasant surprise. TV time as usual but as I flicked the remote, I noticed there were additional channels.

“Terry, did you tune the TV again, we are getting all channels now! Even chinese channel!”

“Oh yes, there’s a new antenna”

“New antenna?”

I was pretty puzzled because I can still clearly see the table top antenna and its red light on.

Terry pointed to the side of the TV table and then I saw it.

Terry built his own TV antenna!

Who knew that an antenna made from scrap works so much better than a $30 one. Terry is so smart, my very own at-home handyman….. 🙂


9 comments on “How To Make A Couch Potato Happy

  1. kenix says:

    hey! you kidding me!!

  2. shinloo says:

    that’s so sweet =)
    it kind of reminds me back in no. 1939 we had to adjust the antenna every time we change channel… and we could remember the antenna positions for each channel some more… =)

  3. rossie says:

    wahhh.. so creative.. should order 1 for my old tv in the bedroom.. hopefully less than $30.. 🙂

  4. fariza says:

    boleh buat bisnes antenna la lepas ni!! 😀
    bravo terry!!

  5. Jann says:


  6. […] knew I had to do something with myself when I realised that I spent most of my time at home on the bed watching TV. From 7.00 pm to as late as 11.00 pm I am stuck on my bed, looking at the TV screen every weekday. […]

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