Christmas In The Park 2010


Christmas in the Park is here again! This is the time of year when heaps and heaps and heaps of Kiwis come to the Auckland Domain for a nice picnic and free concert. Concert starts at 7.30pm but people come as early as 5.00pm to pick a nice picnic spot. With mats, tents, camping chairs, blankets and all!

This is actually the second time I have attended this concert. The first time was back in 2008, my how time flies. So…..this time around, I was more prepared. I don’t have a picnic mat so I brought an old bedsheet. Beers for Terry, water, camping chair, 2 packets of chips and some roast potatoes and mussels packed into a lunch box. And off we went, arriving at 6.00pm. Our car was parked 15 minutes walk away, far far away from the domain to avoid jams or carparks that charge like $10!

The huge Christmas tree

As Terry and I walk into the domain, it was already 50% filled. Especially around the stage vicinity, it was packed! Guess everyone was eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite local artistes peforming that night. Well, since good sound systems i.e. huge speakers were set all around, we decided to settle for a spot really far away but strategic in a sense we could view the entire field. And we’re near the portable toilets *wink* I  also noticed police patrols, st john ambulance booths and also an enormous “Lost Kids” balloon….just in case….

Our spot

There were food stalls selling chips, hot dogs, doughnuts, pizza, candy floss and drinks. Judging from the number of people there, the queue at the stalls were actually not that long. Not surprising as I saw many brought bags and boxes of food supply from home, me included. Everyone was getting cosy at their little spot eating snacks and laughing with friends. It was a very nice ambience.

Things started to get crazier as more people swarmed in. Our spot wasn’t that bad as we were not in the “middle”. We couldn’t get in touch with a friend who’s suppose to meet us because the Vodafone appears to have jammed. Yes folks, I realised that this happends in New Zealand too. I remember how Maxis sucks during each festive season, You have to send your greetings 2 or 3 days earlier.

The stage and the crowd

The concert started off with live performances of christmas songs – Silent Night, The First Noel etc. As it was summer, the domain was not dark even when it was over 8pm. Makes you want to stay and stay and stay enjoying the songs. Yes, in New Zealand, we get summer christmas instead of white christmas.

We decided to leave as it started to get more crowded. Shortly after we left, my friend’s texts started arriving saying she was in the middle of the crowd near the stage, it was crazy and she rather not “fight” her way through to join us. Poor thing….

Next year I’ll make it a point to stay until the closing…with Santa on the sleigh and fireworks.

Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. I made it snow on my blog, pretty cool huh?!


3 comments on “Christmas In The Park 2010

  1. shinloo says:

    yes i notice the snow… good… and third post… keep it up… u inspire me to blog…

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