Day Two

Just one day after my first post, I am starting to think all this blogging thing is a mistake! I start to doubt if I can consistently update with interesting stuff about my life that people would actually enjoy reading. I know, I know, I blog for myself and not for an audience. But I really can’t help it. I wouldn’t want to come back and read my own posts and find it mundane and pointless. Yes I consider myself as one of my own audiences.

Perhaps I should just relax and take it easy. Maybe today is not a good day to write. Probably I am being too hard on myself again. I have already changed the appearance of my blog more than thrice since yesterday. I want it to look good, its one of the factors that would make me like my own blog and prompt me to write better. I am not quite happy with this narrow column for my posts though. The sides seem too wide and a waste of space! I want my words to be the centre of attention here, yet I want the blog (My blog!) to look nice as a whole. I want it more personalised, to be more “Me”….but I am not tech savvy enough to make the necessary tweaks!

This is very frustrating and it is making me very anxious too.






Its been 5 minutes since the last line was written. And look, I’ve hit 240 words for this post. Thats not so bad, ain’t it?

I feel better now.

I think I can really do this blogging thingy.

End of lament.


6 comments on “Day Two

  1. akenix112 says:

    Hey, I enjoy reading you blog! Is true, I think you friend will do too. I would like to catch yup bout you closely. So, don’t push so hard. Just relax and blogging bt yourself!

  2. shinloo says:

    to inspire you to further sustain this blog, i wanna tell you my own experience…

    i was feeling super lazy to update my blog about this shanghai trip of mine after i came back from the vacation, although i’ve made a promise to myself that i will update it. so i was procrastinating and randomly clicking on my previous blog posts and scanning through them. so i saw this posts i wrote about my vacations in the past – to perhentian island and to bali. while i was reading through them i realized, there’s so many things that i’ve forgotten. and looking at the pictures i was like, oh yeah this was what i saw/thought/felt at that particular moment. then i felt, it’s all worth it. it’s all worth the effort.

  3. Shinnyin says:

    hey…i did not know u have a new blog until u told me this morning. do not feel it is a responsibility to write, just pour out your heart when u feel like it and it will all come naturally.

    p/s: it is actually ‘snowing’ in your blog? i thought my eyes were palying trick on me (ngan fa)…haha..just kidding.

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